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As a child, O' Keeffe developed a curiosity about the natural world and an early interest in becoming an artist, which her mother encouraged by arranging lessons with a local artist.

Art appreciation was a family affair for O' Keeffe: her two grandmothers and two of her sisters also enjoyed painting.

Located at 291 5th Avenue, Steichen's former studio, 291 was a pioneering gallery that elevated the art of photography and introduced the avant-garde work of modern European and American artists.

After a year of study in New York City, O' Keeffe returned to Virginia where her family had fallen on hard times: her mother was bedridden with tuberculosis and her father's business had gone bankrupt.

Georgia O' Keeffe died on March 6, 1986 at the age of 98.She confronted him about the exhibit, but allowed him to continue to show the work. A year later, she moved to New York, and Stieglitz found a place for her to live and work.He also provided financial support for her to focus on her art.Realizing their deep connection, the artists fell in love and began an affair.Stieglitz and his wife divorced, and he and O' Keeffe married in 1924.

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