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A collector's edition, which includes NFL Head Coach 09, will also be released for the Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 on the same day.

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For his efforts, Butler receives a well-deserved seven-point increase to 77 OVR, including upgrades in ACC ( 2), STR ( 3), AGI ( 2), AWR ( 10), CTH ( 10), TAK ( 1), JMP ( 3), TGH ( 5), PRC ( 10), MCV ( 4), ZCV ( 3) and PRS ( 6).

Fast forward to Super Bowl Sunday, and Brady stood on the podium with a fourth Super Bowl title and record-tying third Super Bowl MVP award.

As a result of his Super Bowl XLIX heroics, Brady's rating increases a point to 99 OVR.

It shows the amount of effort you'll put into a relationship.

I'm going to ask this again since I only got one response last time.

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